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Dedicated to promoting cycling in the Memphis and Mid South community
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Hightailers Membership Benefit

One of the benefits of being a Memphis Hightailer is our secondary insurance on any official Hightailers ride – whether it is a weekly ride or one of our special rides.  However, your membership must be active at the time of the ride.

Why are we mentioning this? We keep being advised by members who find out their membership had expired, but they don’t seem to have received any renewal notices.  This has been an ongoing concern for a couple of years now. These renewal notices are system generated and may be getting flagged as spam by your email host.

How can you check if you are current?  Just try to log into the Hightailers website.  If you can sign in with no problems, you are probably active, and you can verify this in your profile. If it has expired, you will be taken to the renew membership page.


About the Bluff City Training Team

Do you have goals to improve your bike riding skills and endurance?  Would you like to achieve a new personal record for your longest ride?  Are you interested in meeting people who share your goals and want to pursue them with you?


The Bluff City Training Team will elevate your riding skills to new levels of endurance and enjoyment.  Whether you are new and dream of riding 40 miles, seeking to ride 62 miles (100 kilometers), or looking to top the 100 mile mark, our team will help you find success.


Your experience with the Bluff City Training Team will fuel your passion, desire, and dedication for riding and ensures that you have the skills to ride safely in a team environment. Your fellow team members will give you encouragement, support and, if desired, challenge you to reach for the next level.


2023 marks our 12th year, and we have helped more than 600 riders train for long distance rides of up to 100 miles. If you can ride your bike, you can train to do a 62 miles (100 kilometers), or a 100 mile ride.


Team members are cyclists of varying backgrounds and abilities, including many who are new to the sport. We encourage cyclists of all abilities to train with us, from the fast and the experienced to those wanting to join a group ride for the first time.


Rides are scheduled weekly on Saturdays with a total of 17 rides. Every week, the ride distance is increased by 5 miles.


One feature of the Bluff City Training Team that makes us different is our whole approach to helping cyclists improve their abilities. As a Training Team member, you will have access to resources to help you improve and become a better cyclist with seminars focused on bike maintenance, cycling basics, hydration, nutrition, stretching, and more! In addition, our training rides are supported with support and gear stops (SAGs). As a volunteer organization, support for each other includes managing (or working) a SAG during the ride season. At the start of the season, you will be able to select the SAG date that works best for you. The resources to host a successful SAG during the season will be provided.


Throughout the year, we will host additional opportunities to socialize with fellow team members outside of the weekly team ride. A schedule of events and additional ride options to keep you motivated during the week will be provided. A number of groups will be coordinated during the week with the MHBC Weekly Group Rides.


Come and join us on the road! We can’t wait to meet you.




For $199 (plus tax), you receive the following:

·                      Bluff City Training Team Bike Jersey

·                      Bluff City Training Team T-shirt

·                      Bluff City Blues Ride Registration

·                      17 Training Rides with SAG Support

·                      Training Advice and Seminars

·                      Social events on non-riding days


2023 Bluff City Training Team Registration                       


Our First Training Ride


Our first ride will be Apr 1, 2023 at 10am. We will meet at the MHBC Clubhouse.

Please note:The training team is open to Memphis Hightailers members only. If you're not a member, what are you waiting for?

Only $40/year. Join now!


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