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2019 MHBC Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP)
VIP Points Summary

2019 VIP Points Summary 
You may cash in your VIP points anytime.

Report updated
October 14, 2019


Would you like to ride for free? Would you like free MHBC jerseys and gear?
Volunteer and earn credits towards future MHBC rides, jerseys, and more!
Starting our 9th Year: 
VIP continues with a simplified points system and provides greater flexibility for volunteers to redeem their points.

Who can participate in VIP?
  • All volunteers, regardless of membership, will be tracked in the VIP system. 
  • Exceptions include individuals serving as part of an agreement in which their organization will receive a charitable donation in return for their service. MHBC Board members are also exempt from the program.
How does it work?
During the 2019 ride year (October 2018 through the BCB100 in October 2019), the following volunteer efforts will be tracked and rewarded:
  • ride volunteers
  • volunteering for the BCB Training Team
  • volunteering at special MHBC programs
  • formally representing MHBC at area events
  • working on special projects (e.g. mailing inventory, making phone calls, etc.)
  • serving on committees
Simplified Points System
Every volunteer opportunity will be listed as a specific level. Each level earns a different number of VIP points. All volunteer opportunities are Level 1 unless designated otherwise.
  • Level 1 - 10 points - applies to most volunteer opportunities
  • Level 2 - 20 points - for more time-consuming jobs or jobs we advertise as urgently needed
  • Level 3 - 40 points - for countless hours of service (e.g. planning or coordinating event rides from start to finish and not being able to ride).
Reward Points Redemption
Redeeming your VIP points is easy! Volunteers may spend their points at any time during the calendar year. Points can be redeemed for MHBC merchandise, as payment credit toward one of our club rides or membership renewal.

Points are worth $0.50 each.  Example point values:
    VIP Points   Value
  10 $5
  20 $10
  30 $15
  40 $20
  50 $25
  100 $50

How do I cash in my points?
  • Once you're ready to redeem some points, simply contact MHBC Volunteer Coordinator at and request a coupon code for the number of points you wish to redeem.
  • Once you receive your coupon code, you can use it on the MHBC website when paying for a ride or merchandise. 
  • You must use the entire credit/coupon value at one time. No refunds can be given.
  • Only one coupon can be used per purchase.

Special VIP Merchandise
  • VIP cycling jerseys may be special ordered and paid for with VIP credits only. If you have earned 120 points and would like a jersey, email the Volunteer Coordinator.

Questions about VIP or volunteering in general?

Thanks again, Volunteers, for all you do to make this a fantastic club!