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Dedicated to promoting cycling in the Memphis and Mid South community

Hightailers Membership Benefit

One of the benefits of being a Memphis Hightailer is our secondary insurance on any official Hightailers ride – whether it is a weekly ride or one of our special rides.  However, your membership must be active at the time of the ride.

Why are we mentioning this? We keep being advised by members who find out their membership had expired, but they don’t seem to have received any renewal notices.  This has been an ongoing concern for a couple of years now. These renewal notices are system generated and may be getting flagged as spam by your email host.

How can you check if you are current?  Just try to log into the Hightailers website.  If you can sign in with no problems, you are probably active, and you can verify this in your profile. If it has expired, you will be taken to the renew membership page.

Special Club Pre Order

Have you been seeing the clubs jersey or any of our weekly ride jerseys and want one of your own?  Please visit our online store and purchase yours now!

This special pre order will run through March 17 and expected delivery will be mid May.

MHBC Online Store

All jersey designs subject to minor design alterations.

Memphis Hightailers Buddy Events

April 6

April 13


Memphis Hightailers Buddy Events are other bicycle rides that utilize the Memphis Hightailers for their event registrations.  They also offer Hightailers a discount when registering.

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Charity Rides

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