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How to Figure out your Average Speed?

How do I know what my average speed is (in miles per hour) to help me decide what group I need to ride with?   Here is a simple way, and don’t forget to follow the rules of the road as you do this test:


Below are two 5.5 mile routes that you can use to check your average MPH.  Links to the cue sheets  for the routes are provided below.


Start at Raleigh LaGrange and Pisgah

Park at the church on the corner of Houston Levee and Houston Hill and ride up to Pisgah as a warm up.   Start your computer at Pisgah and Raleigh Lagrange and then ride to Macon and back. Be sure to stop at the stop sign and then turn around. Ride at a comfortable pace. 




Start at Macon and Pisgah.

Park at the Church on the corner of Macon and Pisgah.  Start your computer in front of the Texaco gas Station.  Ride all the way to the Stop Sign at Raleigh Lagrange and back.  Be sure to stop at the stop sign and then turn around.  Ride at a comfortable pace.




Once you have done either of the Average MPH Test above check the chart below to see if you are an A, B, C, or D Rider.  Don't get discouraged by the results.   As time goes on repeat the test to see if you have improved.

Rider Classifications

Category Level Average cruising speed on flats Mileage capability End of ride average speed
Elite 22 - 24 mph 60 - 100+ 20 - 22 mph
Advanced 20 - 22 mph 60 - 100+ 18 - 20 mph
Skilled 18 - 20 mph 40 - 60 16 - 18 mph
Intermediate 16 - 18 mph 25 - 40 14 - 16 mph
Social 14 - 16 mph 25 or less 12 - 14 mph
Easy 10 - 12 mph 25 or less less than 12 mph