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How To Become A Ride / Group Leader

Ride leaders are the heart and soul of our club and our best advocates for safety. Our volunteer ride leaders keep our 40+ rides going all year long. If you are interested in becoming a Ride / Group Leader, please express interest to the Director of Weekly Rides

The Ride Leader is the primary weekly ride coordinator and primary point of contact for all their ride communications.

The Group Leader supports the weekly rides by leading selected pace groups as determined by the Ride Leader.

What are the requirements to become a Ride / Group Leader?

  • Be a Hightailers member in good standing.
  • Contact and work directly with the Director of Weekly Rides.
  • Attend the Smart Cycling classes (indoor and outdoor classes) and/or additional club provided training.
  • Score 85% or higher on the Smart Cycling Course (Online and In-Person)
  • Attend semi-annual club ride leader meetings.
  • Have cycled a minimum of 20 MHBC group rides / MHBC sponsored events.
  • Complete four (5) mentored rides and one (1) pre-ride briefing. Mentored rides are coordinated through the Ride Leader and the Director of Weekly Rides. Mentored rides will cover pre-ride responsibilities, effective ways to lead a ride, effective ways to sweep a ride, effective ways to manage a large ride with several assistants. Also covered will be expectations for safety briefings before the ride, how to handle a rider not riding safely, how to handle an accident or incident and what to do after a ride.

Ride / Group Leader expectations

  • Clear understanding of the available Club resources and how to find them.  This includes Dog Attack or Automobile Incident Form, Insurance forms, weekly ride feedback form and our rules of the road card.
  • Be an active ride or group leader throughout the year.
  • Ride Leaders shall have cycled in a minimum of 50 MHBC group rides annually.  Not all have to be as a ride / group leader, but rather to have consistent exposure to our many ride opportunities.
  • Group Leaders shall have cycled in a minimum of 35 MHBC group rides annually.  Again, not all have to be as a ride / group leader, but rather to have consistent exposure to our many ride opportunities.

Ride / Group Leader incentives

  • Unique MHBC Ride Leader jersey will be presented after all requirements are met.
  • Ride Leaders and Group Leaders will get discounted rates for the Charles Finney Ride and the Red, White and Blue Ride.  The St Patrick’s Day Ride, Tour de La Grange Ride and the Wolf River Cafe Ride will be free. There will not be a discount for the Bluff City Blues (BCB) Ride.
  • Incentives will be extended only to active Ride / Group Leaders.

The Director of Weekly Rides, in consultation with the Board and the Ride Coordinators, will make the final determination as to the need for additional Ride / Group Leaders.   On a quarterly basis, the Director of Weekly Rides is responsible for reviewing the ride leader participation & support of the weekly rides. The Director of Weekly Rides will provide an annual status report to the Board for review and discussion, including recommendations for changes to the list.