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Dedicated to promoting cycling in the Memphis and Mid South community
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Board of Directors

President, Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club Tulio Bertorini Contact Tulio
Vice-President, Memphis Hightailers Bicycle Club Mitchell Lansky Contact Mitchell
President, Memphis Hightailers Foundation Tulio Bertorini Contact Tulio
Treasurer Frank Pitts, Jr. Contact Frank
Director of Weekly Rides Tulio Bertorini
Contact Tulio
Membership Director Michael Wener
Contact Michael
Secretary Catherine Lyon Contact Catherine
Bluff City Training Team Captian Mitchell Lansky Contact Mitchell
Volunteer Coordinator Open Contact Volunteer Coordinator
Director of Advocacy Open Contact

Meet the Board

Tulio Bertorini, President, Memphis Hightailers Club & Foundation

Member Since: 2009

First Bike: Metallic Blue Schwinn Scrambler

My Biking Story: I spend most of my time riding the road bike, but drop it as soon as cyclocross season kicks in locally.
Most all of us started riding bicycles as children. So I will not bore you with my entire History. My main passion for cycling started in 1992 where I started mountain biking with a nice entry level bicycle. As I rode more I began to become more involved with cycling. I did this by joining a local mountain bike race team called the River City Wheelmen. There I was part of the board and helped organize the Down and Dirty Mountain Bike Race. Years later the road bug hit and I joined the Marx-Bensdorf Team. After I realized Road Racing was not for me and Cyclocross was my game I worked with a group to organize the Amphitheater of Pain Cyclocross Series along with a few mountain bike races and Run/Bike/Runs. Then there was a big gap in my cycling history, but the passion could not stay away long. I was talked into riding with the IP Cycling Team in 2008 to ride in the 2010 Fed Ex Rock N Roll MS150 and it started again from there. I joined the Hightailers board in 2009 and have been more involved in cycling every year since.I have help various position on the board from Ride director, Marketing Director, to Education Director. I have a great passion for cycling and would love to see every one riding a bike. Not only do I want to see them riding a bike, but I want to see them do it safely.

Mitchell Lansky, Vice-President & BCB100 Training Team Captain

Member Since: 2010

My Biking Story: I have biked most of my life. As a kid I wasn't allowed to go too far away from the house, so I rode my bike around the block over and over and over again. I even made some of my neighbors dizzy. I still ride long distances, just now I actually go places.
I have been a member since 2010 and have been involved with the Training Team from the very beginning. It has been very rewarding. I am looking forward to this year.

Frank Pitts, Jr., Treasurer

First Bike: Purple Schwinn Sting Ray with a Banana Seat (it was so cool!)

My Biking Story: Twelve (or so) years ago I decided to get off the couch and get some exercise. I went to Walmart and bought the best bike I could find.

I did not want to spend a lot of money in case this was just a phase. That did not work so well.
I tried again. My son had gotten a hybrid bike from the Peddler to take to college. It looked pretty good and I bought one and rode around the neighborhood.
I had heard of this group called the Hightailers. They were having a ride out in Rossville (Wolf River Cafe ride) and I decided to try it out. Who doesn’t want catfish after a ride. I drove out there - met Mike Lewis (the President at the time) - gave him some money. He opened his trunk, gave me a MHBC hat and I was a member. We all started off - me on my hybrid - everyone else on their road bikes - on an unmarked route with an outdated cue sheet. After about a mile I was alone (nothing has really changed today). I do remember stopping somewhere on Hwy 194, asking a homeowner for some water and sitting under a tree for awhile. Seven (or eight) hours later I came back - I was so tired I did not care about catfish.
I finally got a road bike - joined the MHBC board and the rest is history.
My initial riding experiences set my goals - to help make the ride experience good for all members with things like marked routes and SAGs,
I have handled the ride SAGs for the last few years and I am now the club treasurer.



Michael Wener, Membership Director

Member Since: 2013

Like most people I’ve been riding a bicycle since I was a kid. From BMX bikes to my first 10 speed as a kid in the early 80’s, I was hooked. I started light mountain bike riding in 2001 when The Peddler sold me my first “adult” bike. In 2013 I wanted to be social with my riding and did my first group rides with Hal at the Peddler. A month later I bought my first road bike and I was instantly hooked!
I’ve been very active with the Hightailers since mid 2013 and on the BCB Training Team since 2014. I was asked to become a ride leader in 2017 and I typically lead the A group on the Tuesday night Mellow Mushroom ride. Although I ride several group rides each week, I really enjoy going to some of the regional rides in the tri-state area, which not only gives us opportunities to ride in other areas, it also gives the Hightailers visibility and encourages people in those areas to come join us for the BCB in October each year.
In 2018 I was the SAG volunteer coordinator for the Training Team. I have helped plan many of the local routes for the club and Training Team each year and enjoy figuring out new places for everyone to ride.
If you haven’t met me yet, please look for me out on the next group ride!

Catherine Lyon, Secretary

Member Since: 2013

My Biking Story: I tried biking first by renting a bike at Shelby Farms after a series of running injuries. I find that many of my riding friends tried biking for the same reason. After about a half mile all I could think of was how much more fun biking is than running and I’ve been biking since that day.
My first bike was a Trek Neko hybrid that I’ve also used a couple of times mountain biking. I started with a friend at the Cameron Brown easy ride in 2013 and completed my first metric century that year at the BCB100 Ride in the fall. A week later I rode the 90 mile round trip Tanglefoot Trail.
Shortly after, I purchased my road bike, a Specialized Amira. Since then, I’ve ridden the 90 mile Tanglefoot Trail again, joined the BCB Training team in 2014 and completed my first century at the Clarksville Sunrise Century ride. I’ve done many of the club rides and enjoy them all. For 2015, I’ve joined the BCB Metric Training Team and am looking forward many fun bike rides with friends. I’ve been the secretary on the board since January 2014 and enjoy working with everyone in the club.

Open, Education Director

Info Coming Soon

Open, Volunteer Coordinator

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Open, Director of Advocacy

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